Guide: How to register an account, Get $ 5000 Next Token - Coin of the project of NFTTech

February 22, 2023
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NFTTECH is the first NFT marketplace to offer NFT staking and minting of NFT artworks. You can buy/sell, list your collections on this platform
NFTEXCH gives you space to create and sell your NFT

We help you create innovations and we turn ideas into reality. Let your art explore the world. True artist, true buyer. It's all about authenticity.

Guide to register an account, Get $ 5000 Next Token - Coin of the of NFTTech project 

Step 1. 
Click here 

Invite code: swrCFFe

Step 2. Fill your infor in form

- Fill in your name

- Fill in your email address

- Fill in your password

Step 3. Verify your email

You log in your Email, click confirm (If there is no email, go to the spam folder)

It is done. You have successfully received 5000$NFT Tokens

Next, to get extra $200 you need account KYC

- Click to follow NFT's official page on Tweet

- Go to the project's Telegram channel

- Upload 3 photos: front and back of ID card and selfie photo holding ID card

It is done.

You can set some extra security like 2FA...

Good luck!

NFTEXCH Provides a digital marketplace for irreplaceable crypto and token collections. Buy, sell and discover exclusive digital products

Contract Token: 0x2252fb7be9d4c01c0866727a456cfd36ea56a35c

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