How to register get 25,000 KITTYCOIN for free - cat Coin of the KSOL platform to launch DEX

December 27, 2022
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 How to register get 25,000 KITTYCOIN for free  - cat Coin of the KSOL platform to launch DEX

Kittycoin (KSOL) is a Fun. Solana Based Memecoin

Boasting super fast & cheap transactions, deflationary supply, a soon-to-launch NFT platform, and an Exchange DEX.

  Step 1.  Click here to get 25.000 Tokens

 Step 2. Fill Email, Password

 Step 3. Veryfi your email 

 Step 4. Log in an check your acount. You get 25.000 Token

Deflationary Supply
50% of all platform fees collected from the upcoming Kittycoin Exchange and DEX will be used to buy and burn Kittycoin Tokens, which will reduce the circulating Kittycoin Supply each day.

Charity Voting
Charity Rewards – 10% of the Total Kittycoin SOL Token Supply will be donated to support user voted upon charities and goodwill causes.

\Fast & Cheap Transactions
Kittycoin leverages the speed and scalability of the Solana Blockchain to bring users transactions costing less than 1 penny with 400 millisecond block times.

Kittycoin Earn App
Utilize the Kittycoin Earn Phone App to start earning Kittycoins daily by simply; watching videos, viewing ads and sharing posts on social media.

Claim your Airdrop Coins
After you setup a wallet application, the next step is to acquire your first Kittycoin tokens. At the moment during the Kittycoin Launch Phase any new member that signs up via our website is elgible to receive 10,000 Free Kittycoin Tokens as part of the community airdrop. Act fast as this offer is time limited.


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