Guide: Testnet NEW EGON WALLET APP - Eagle Network

December 13, 2022
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Guide: Testnet  NEW EGON WALLET APP - Eagle Network

 Copy new wallet address from EgonWallet and paste into testnet faucet to get 100 EgonCoin Testnet.

Share new EgonWallet with friends to family to also get 100 testnet coins.

Step By Step Video

Get EgonCoin Testnet & Participate

EgonCoin Blockchain Testnet is HERE!

Test new EgonCoin Blockchain by sending TestCoins to your Friends, Family and Relatives and get rewarded.

Download EgonWallet
(Use EgonWallet to test EgonCoin Blockchain)

Please Read Steps Below

1). Download EgonWallet from Stores . .

A). Tell your friends and family to download the new EgonWallet

B). They copy address from EgonWallet and send to you

C). You send them 5EGC each

Google Play Store Link

Apple Store Link

After installation, make sure to save your 12 seed words phrase save and do not give it to anyone.

2). Get EgonCoin testnet coin from this site –
Free EGC Coins

3). Request for Testnet EGC each day.

4). Share the EGC with friends and family

5). Test new EgonCoin Blockchain by sending TestCoin to as many people as possible and get rewarded.

6). Sharing Coins to maximum people will help us in Spreading the word “EgonCoin” as Community Support is needed.
Without Community Support No Project can Last Longer.

7). Send, Receive, Stake, Farm, Add Liquidity Using Testnet Coins.
The more you use your Testnet Coins, The more successful will be Testnet Phase.

8). After Successful Testnet Phase, Mainnet will come.

When You Can Withdraw . . . . 

Phase 2 Withdrawal of Partner Company Tokens is starting after release of the EgonCoin Blockchain Mainnet. Blockchain Testnet comes first which is before end of 4th quarter 2022.

This Means you will get another chance of Redeeming your Mined Eagle . Phase 2 Withdraw is starting after Egoncoin Blockchain Mainnet. Make sure to update your miner app from September 2022 to be able to withdraw in due time.
Do Not Miss Any Announcement.

Note :-

1. You can Withdraw your Eagle as Partner Tokens (EgonInu Token).
2. No More EgonToken Redeem.
3. Only Partner Tokens can be mined and redeemed going forward.
4. Partner Tokens are other company projects using EgonCoin Blockchain to deploy tokens, just as Eagle Network initially used BSC to deploy EgonSwap tokens.
5. Mine & Accumulate Partner Tokens now before Allocation is finished.
6. Withdrawals starting after blockchain mainnet. 
7. We are presently on Accumulation stage. The more you mine the more you will redeem!
8. To withdraw you must update your miner app from September 2022

EAGLE APP - Mining EAGLE Coin -EAGLE Network Token

↪ Dowload app Click here (My Reference CodeINLUON)

↪ Guide Mining EAGLE Token Click here

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