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The project comes from the Anglo-Korean alliance

BITCOIN Legend (BCL) has an App on CH Play, App Appstore

Currently, the mining speed is at the highest level and the project has confirmed in the market, so mining will definitely be possible.

Open Claim app once every 24 hours. BCL has listed Coingecgo, CMC...

Get 10 BCL, FIll invitation code: u4sv0vrsk4p

☆ Join BitcoinLegend to get 10 free BCL.

Suggested code: u4sv0vrsk4p

Guide mine Bitcoin Legend - BCL - Eng--Korea Coin[Make Money Online]

Step 1. Download app

You go to Google Play or App Store to download the app to your phone and install

Google Play 

Step 2. Choose a registration form

You can register with an Apple ID


It is recommended to register with Gmail

Step 3. Fill registration information

You fill information such as: Nick name; Real name; Nation; Tel..

Enter the suggested code: u4sv0vrsk4p

When you fill the proposed code, you will also receive a bonus of 10 BCL

Total supply & Distribution

The number of Miner: 50MUsers→10MUsers

End of Mining: Mining will be finished when 10M users approached.

Total Supply: 21,000,000,000BCL→11,000,000,000BCL

Burning & Buyback: 10,000,000,000BCL

Community airdrop: 34,000,000BCL

Migration from ERC20 to BEP20
Purpose of Migration
To reduce gas fee incurred during withdrawal and minting NFT

Swap ratio when migrating

1. The swap is conducted for users who have purchased BCL previously, and additional payments are made to reduce the cost of gas fee incurred when depositing.
BCL mined is paid as BEP20 when paid after KYC, so there is no need for swap.
2. Increase the additional payment rate when swapping Lbank cryptocurrency exchanges for trading activity for BCL liquidity
Lbank crytocurrency exchange: ERC20 : BEP20 = 1 : 1.1 (10% additional payment)Completed
BitcoinLegend Website: ERC20 : BEP20 = 1 : 1.1 (3% additional payment)

Where to do Migration

1. Lbank Crytocurrency exchange
Deposit is prohibited the day before the date notified in advance. Swap within Lbank for 3 days. New deposit , transactions, and withdrawals will be conducted.
2. BCL Website (Here)
For users who could not participate in the Lbank cryptocurrency exchange swap, the BCL website performs its own migration.

How to do Migration

1. Lbank Crytocurrency exchange
There is nothing for you to do. BCL is swapped inside the Lbandk exchange and deposited into a new wallet.
2. BCL Website (Here)
Use a personal wallet such as Metamask, Trust Wallet, or Im Wallet that you deposited previously.
Send ERC20 based BCL to the BCL foudation's address as follows. Our system will send BEP20 based BCL token to your wallet instantly.
3. Personal cryto-wallet that can be migrated
Metamask (How to get BEP20 address)  
Trust wallet (How to get BEP20 address)  

BCL foudation's Deposit Address: 
Etherscan: Check to transfer from your wallet to BCL Foundation using ERC20 based

Airdrop rules

Community users can participate in ther airdrop by installing BitcoinLegend App.
Mining must be done at least until the end of the airdrop. The inital amount of airdrop is 25 BCL.
The airdrop is completely free, and the airdrop rewards will be distributed to mining app after the airdrop is over.

Invitation rules

Users can get additional BCL token rewards by inviting friends to participate in the airdrop.
You can get 50 BCL tokens for each friend you invite. You can invite up to 50 friends, and get up to 2,500 BCL tokens.
The quantity for airdrop is limited, and BCL issuance is small. Hurry up and share it with your friends.

Invite Team

+ 50 BCL/User. Max. 50 Users
+@25% mining count of Invited User
How to recommend your friends

Accomplished milestones up to date(Phase1 & Phase2)
2020 - 2021("Mine to Earn" Project)
Build project development team, core team
Develop of mobile app and distribute BitcoinLegend Concept
(Coin Advantage, Mining Method, Token Economy, Mining App & Wallet Design)
Release Android mobile app
Develop and 44 countries' expand language pack
Release iOS mobile app
Update Token Economy(including Burning)
Make Listing Plan on major cryptocurrency exchanges

Phase3. January. 2022

Community Airdrop & Pre-sale started
Official website launched
Developing KYC authentication process

Phase4. Feburary. -March 15th, 2022

Community Airdrop complete
Pre-sale completed
Hero NFT sample released
BCL listed on LBank Crytocurrency exchange
Burning & Buyback BCL tokens

March 16 - May. 2022

User's mining monitor and ping fuction developed
Lockup & Staking funding system launched
Expansion development of KYC authentication Started after Sulvey
June. 2022
Network migration from ERC20 to BEP20(Binance Smart Chain)
BCL listed on PancakeSwap

Phase5. October. 2022

1. KYC started
2. BCL withdrawal started
3. Hero NFT 2nd sales schedule revised and sales started
4. Virtual real estate Maxform City developmented
5. Development of Maxform hero game card started(4 months)
6. White paper and Roadmap revision noticed
7. Mining standard revised
8. NFT project promotional video opened

November. 2022

1. 3rd NFT hero card saled
2. Maxform City (3D layer) initial model opened
3. Homepage revised(NFT card, 3D layered Maxform city, Hero card game and City war game)
4. Prototype game of “PlaytoEarn” Developed

December. 2022

1. 6th Hero NFT card promoted
2. 3D layered MaxForm City lunched and NFT whitelist started
3. Development history of Maxform hero card shared
4. Development of Maxform city war game started(4 months)
5. Prototype game of PlaytoEarn released

Q1. 2023

1. 6th Hero NFT card opened on YouTube
2. MaxForm City NFT saled
3. MaxForm Hero card game released
4. Development history of MaxForm City war game shared
5. Development of MaxForm world (Metaverse) (9 months)
∙ Develop Hero NFT card using self made studio
∙ Conceptualize and develop NFT plaform (selling , buying and Auction NFT card and items)
∙ Avatar economic activity platform created by yourself

Q2. 2023

1. TCG of Hero card game upgraded
2. MaxForm Hero card game activated
3. MaxForm City war game released
4. Development history of MaxForm world shared

Phase6. Q3 - Q4. 2023

TCG of Hero card game upgraded
MaxForm City war game activated
MaxForm world(Metaverse) lunched
Development of 1:1 Game(Avatar game) started.

Phase7. 2025

More partnerships of MaxForm world signed
More of BCL Ecosystem spreaded
Extended version of 1:1 Game(Avatar game) game upgraded
Beta test of MMORG Game released
Download now
Download the androroid, iOS or APK file appAnd start mining today.
Earn 25% extra by referring someone else

Join us on our online channel to stay
Up-to-date with BitcoinLegend community

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Có thể bạn quan tâm các kênh kiếm tiền online

Tham gia kênh telegram chuyên nhận kèo kiếm tiền miễn phí

Theo dõi Fanpage để nhận các kèo kiếm tiền miễn phí. Bấm vào đây

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II. Đăng ký tài khoản - nhận coin, tiền điện tử (Nhận coin sàn)

Đăng ký tài khoản - nhận coin sàn miễn phí - giữ chặt để bán

III. Sàn giao dịch Coin

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