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December 09, 2022
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Instant access to 1 billion fans worldwide. live the world's greatest athletes.

Metaverse goes up the main stream. combines vr and metaverse technology for you to connect, interact and mutually benefit with your favorite team and athletes. whenever, wherever.

Steps to register and get GGSport every day

Step 1. Click here

Step 2. Fill your Email to register

Step 3. Email verification

You access the registered Email, SIte has sent you the sequence of characters. You copy the sequence of characters and paste it in

Step 4. Fill Invite code: BMSVSNXA

To speed up mining and have team-team opportunities when new games appear, you enter the invite code. Your points will be higher

It is done.

Every day you have 15GG. 

Good luck

Be a part of the revolution games regularly expand opportunities and events.

Register now for free to get gg points and get early access.

Refer friends to earn more.

Vietnamese version - Click here


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