Guide Signup Halving free get 100.000 ATM Tokens

December 09, 2022
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HALVING wants the growth of local economies to regenerate the global ecosystem. HALVING builds products that enable prosperity - for everyone.

  Guide Signup Halving free get 100.000 ATM Tokens

The steps are as follows:

Step 1. Register with (Click here to register

The registration is very simple and completely free.

Code: 209850 

Step 2. Login website by your acount

Step 3. KYC
Click Get started

Fill Your Info
Upload your photo

Regular profit every hour

Halving pays regular profit every hour on the system

Get Free AirDrop Potential Token

Halving has a free AirDrop program for users - registered investors have confirmed their identity.

You can invest in cryptocurrency regularly over time by scheduling purchases on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
Easy Interface
You don't need to look for what or where. You can easily manage your accounts with our user-friendly panel.
High Security
With the highest level of system security, your crypto-asset investments and all your data are safe.
Practical Ecosystem
You can use the ecosystem to meet the essential needs in life.
Market Analysis
Analysis that can guide your investment strategies; research reports, video analyzes and expert opinions.
High-tech platform
We are one of the key investment organizations with world-class technology infrastructure.

↪ Vietnam version - Click here

↪ Other app mining coin Click here

Earn Coin by phone, Mining Coin by phone, Mining App

Terms and Conditions of Refer a Member to receive AirDrop program for a period of 1 year, applicable from 2022-08-05 00:01

For AirDrop activity, you can refer your friends to register an account at and both of you will have a chance to get ATM Token rewards.

1. How to participate in the Referral member for a limited time?

Step 1: Select an ongoing [Referral] activity, then share your referral link with your friends during the activity.

Step 2: After your friend registers an account at and successfully completes the identity verification, both of you will receive the reward.

2. How to get rewards?

After the friend you referred completes Pre-Identity Verification. Verification request processing time can be up to 1 day, both of you will be eligible for rewards. To unlock the reward, you and your friend log into the claim confirmation account every day.

3. How many quests can I complete to get rewards?

Each user can complete up to 360 tasks: every day, when entering the account, press the button to confirm the reward from the program's Airdrop.

4. How to get more rewards?

You just need to invite more friends and encourage them to successfully verify their identity to win more rewards.

5. How is the AirDrop program received?

- Each new registered account after successful identity verification will receive: 100,000 ATM Token

- Each account that introduces a newly registered account with successful identity verification will receive: 30,000 ATM Token

- Each sponsored account on the referral account will receive: 10,000 ATM Token

- Each account that invests 100 BUSD will receive: 1,000,000 ATM Tokens (The investment part at will be received proportionally on the investment packages calculated for each 100 BUSD participating in the investment, they will receive an additional 1,000,000 respectively. ATM Token )

6. What is the value of ATM Token?

ATM is a Token that is launched after the AirDrop program ends. ATM Token is listed on reputable and decentralized exchanges to help the community trade smoothly.

ATM is used almost all across the ecosystem that arises to create value for ATM Token with global users.

7. reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel a user's participation in the program and revoke rewards if a participant engages in fraudulent or abusive activity during the activity period. These activities include signing up for multiple accounts to earn more rewards and any other activities with illegal, fraudulent or harmful purposes.

8. All participants must strictly abide by the Terms of Use

9. reserves the right to determine the final outcome of this activity.

If you have any questions, please contact support via Email:

1. Min withdraw 10 BUSD each time.
2. System withdrawal fee every time
* After 30 days 1% fee
* After 20 days withdraw 2% fee
* After 10 days withdraw 3% fee
* After 5 days withdraw 4% fee
* 5 days before withdraw 5% fee
3. Interest withdrawal fee every time you withdraw
* After 30 days 0% charge
* After 20 days withdraw 0.5% fee
* After 10 days withdraw 1% fee
* After 5 days withdraw 2% fee
* 5 days before withdraw 3% fee
4. Withdrawal fee Total per withdrawal: 1%


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