TRUMPSwap previously had an Airdrop campaign for the first members to use TRUMPSwap . Under this program, each member participating in the Airdrop receives 1,000 TRUMPSwap Tokens.

TRUMPSwap is an exchange (just like PancakeSwap). You can use this exchange to exchange coins, tokens to your wallet. When Buy IDO, usually the price will be cheaper. Buy IDO at the floor even cheaper. Chances of account XXX will increase many times

Instructions for using the TRUMPSwap exchange to trade cryptocurrencies and Buy IDO Trumptoken - TSW TOKEN

Step 1. Visite website TRUMPSwap 

You click on I Understand and click Continue

Step 2. Connect to your wallet

Click connect to connect to the wallet (Top right corner of the screen)

Step 3. Use the Swap . Functions
1. Choose coin - token want to swap
- In the list of available coins, you can choose to swap.
(same picture)

- In case the list does not exist, you need to copy the contract and paste it into the frame (as shown)

- Click Add and do swap

Visite website TRUMPSwap Buy IDO and Swap crypto

Swap function (Exchange one coin to another coin).
For example, you want to exchange(Buy) BNB to TRUMP-TSW
1. The upper part you choose BNB, enter the number of BNB in the box to invest
2. The system will automatically convert to TSW number,
3. You click Swap. So the TSW number will be in your wallet immediately
Now you check your wallet, the BNB has been converted to TSW.
You change other coins to do the same.

Visite website TRUMPSwap Buy IDO and Swap crypto

Project Overview

TRUMPSWAP is a new financial instrument that plans to launch its own exchange, making the token in short supply

TRUMPSWAP ecosystem with the launch of the airdrop is gathering an army of fans to launch its own exchange in the future with the aim of accelerating the internal burning of tokens.

Our goal is to make our token scarce. After the airdrop, the listing price of the token will be set at $0.0005, but after the launch of the exchange, we will accelerate the internal burning of TRUMPSWAP tokens, the price may rise to $5 or $10, and we will be able to compete. And trade on other exchanges.

Trumpswap is the first decentralized exchange platform on the market with a three-type referral system and the lowest platform transaction fees (0.1%). We are a decentralized exchange platform for swapping BEP-20 tokens on the Binance Smart Chain network. This network guarantees superior speed and much lower network transaction cost.

Trumpswap aims to become a benchmark for DEX platforms. We want to take up the mantle in becoming the leading DEX platform on the market for token swaps.

We are highly committed to providing true value, fairness and innovation to decentralized finance through our high-quality products and services. Trumpswap is fast, secure and anyone can swap and earn tokens. 


The roadmap illustrated below depicts the major milestones that have already been achieved and the ones that are yet to be accomplished. 

The roadmap will be updated on a quarterly basis. Our team will keep track of all the changes on the market and take into consideration the feedback from our community. 

Visite website TRUMPSwap Buy IDO and Swap crypto

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