Instructions for using COXSwap to trade cryptocurrencies(How to use crypto exchange coxswap?)

December 07, 2021
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 COXSWAP previously had a huge Airdrop campaign for the first members to use COX. Under this program, each member participating in the Airdrop receives 5,000,000 COX Tokens. After listing the exchange, COX Token has been xxx up to 20 times.

CoxSwap is an exchange (just like PancakeSwap). You can use this exchange to exchange coins, tokens to your wallet.

Instructions for using COXSwap to trade cryptocurrencies

How to use crypto exchange coxswap?

Step 1. Visit the website COXswap 

Step 2. Connect your wallet (Meta, Trust)

Click connect to connect to the wallet (Top right corner of the screen)

Step 3. Using Swap functions

Swap function (Exchange one coin to another coin). For example, you want to exchange (Buy) BNB to COX
1. The upper part you choose BNB, enter the number of BNB in the box to invest
2. The system will automatically convert to COX number,
3. You click Swap. So the COX number will go to your wallet immediately

Now you check your wallet, the BNB has been converted to COX.

You change other coins to do the same.

In addition to the Swap function, many other functions are implemented exactly like MUSKSwap. You can see it here.

Visit the website COXswap 


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