How to Claim Airdrop get 100.000 Corgidoge tokens tokens 

1,000,000,000,000CORGI ($1.000.000 soft cap) for airdrop and referral program. The rule is so simple, you get 100,000 CORGI instantly when join us and get CORGI with 4 levels when you refer your friend. You can earn big CORGI.

Guide Step by Step: 

 Step 1. Visit Site project and Click Claim Airdrop to Receive Tokens

 Step 2. Copy contract address (to add Metamask wallet)


 Step 3. Paste Contract to Trust wallet or Meta Wallet (BSC Network)

Gas fee: 0.0005 BNB. (Buy BNB click here)


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↪ Claim Airdrop is a type of Token distribution before listing the exchange to increase the number of users and advertise Tokens to everyone.

↪ To get Coin to your wallet, you have to spend a little shipping fee (Gas Fee) about 0.0003-0.0005BNB. A very few 0.001 BNB. (You see if there is a zero after the comma (eg: fee 0.0005BNB ... then claim gas fee. Claim programs charge 2 zeros or 1 zeros or require the exchange of other types such as BUSD .) .. is not reliable.

↪ If you execute a buy order, you need to consider and research it carefully to avoid scam projects.

↪ has selected potential Claim programs to post on this website.


CORGI currency uses blockchain to transfer the value and benefits of cryptocurrency holders.

CorgiS - exchange

CorgiS cryptocurrency exchange allows trading and storing cryptocurrencies. In addition, it also pays profits to investors holding CORGI cryptocurrency.

CorgiR - real estate investment application

CorgiR Real Estate Investment application allows people to invest in real estate worldwide by paying with CORGI cryptocurrency. In addition to profiting from real estate, investors also benefit from the growth price of CORGI in the cryptocurrency market.

E-commerce platform CorgiE

CorgiE eCommerce platform allows anyone to buy/sell decentralized goods and pay with CORGI cryptocurrency, address the current inadequacies of currency exchange rate differences between countries.


Our vision is to build an ecological system around Corgidoge including spaces, working communities, real estate investment applications, eCommerce platforms, cryptocurrency exchanges that are suitable for everyone. This system will encourage the acceptance and utilization of CORGI cryptocurrency to help promote demand and create value for sustainable development in the future.

A real estate investment application, eCommerce platform, the cryptocurrency exchange is designed to maximize the benefits of CORGI coin. The long-term develop- ment-oriented CORGI will become one of the used coins widely and replace existing coins.


Corgidoge Roadmap

Q2 2021

Launch of Corgidoge on Binance Smart Chain Airdrop & Swap on pancakeswap/bakeryswap IEO Round 1

Q3 2021

Release stake pool and reward for staking Corgi is be listed crypto exchanges Launch of official website and mobile wallet

Q1 2022

Launching CorgiS, Corgi Wallet 1.0 Release (iOS & Android) Release CorgiS pool and reward for staking Release charity funds. There is a large amount of reward remaining, the leftover will be burned

Q3 2022

Launch of CorgiR Introduction of Corgi Governance Power (GP) There is a large amount of reward remaining, the leftover will be burned

Q4 2022

Launch of CorgiE Introduction of Corgi Fast Transactions Layer and Governance Features(E.g.Voting) Global Adoption


Launch of CorgiE Introduction of Corgi Fast Transactions Layer and Governance Features (E.g.Voting) Global adoption

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