How to get 50 USD(50 PVK token) daily? (end)

November 03, 2021
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Privok ICO crowdfunding will be used on 46.4MW power generation infrastructure. Then generated renewable energy will have sold to energy buyers or other energy producers. By selling this energy, generated profit will be used on our next EV charging station development project. As we all know, the Electrical Vehicle industry is most emerging globally, and India is one of the biggest markets. So in the future, we will develop more Electrical Vehicle charging stations in India. Our EV charging station will be called as Privok Charging Station. On Privok EV charging stations, all Privok green energy power will be utilized directly by Electrical vehicle owners. By this process, Privok can serve energy at a low rate compared to other EV charging stations.

With PVK Token, globally, any investor becomes a part of our EV charging station project expansion and gets the opportunity to become a partner of a fast-growing EV charging station company. All EV charging station profit will have credited on Privok wallet in terms of PVK token. Our basic plan is to develop more than 500 Privok EV Charging stations in India. We will offer up to 1000 investors’ partnerships in each Privok charging station. (Priority will be given to Privok ICO investors) Many big companies like Tata, Mahindra, Hyundai, Tesla, and others are most emerging in the Indian Electric car market. Many electric two-wheelers companies are already running good business in India. So in India, more EV charging station is the foremost requirement in the near future. We hope the Privok charging station becomes the best option for every electric vehicle owner.

Registration Instructions - get 50 PKD daily

Step 1. Visit PVK website to register an account

Click here to register

Step 2. Fill in registration information

Step 3. Verify Registered Email

Click here to register

Referral Code: r7405C

You Login Your Email, the Exchanger has sent you 01 mail containing 1 sequence of characters, you copy this sequence of characters, paste it in the box above then click Verify Account

Click here to register

Referral Code: r7405C

Step 4. Visit the homepage and verify 2FA to receive the first 50tokens

You access the website of the exchange with your registered name and address

The exchange sends you 01 Email containing 6 numbers

You copy these 6 numbers and click on the 2FA frame of the website

Click on the Bonus. You will get the first 50PVK

Every day, you visit the website once, you get 50PVK again.
Note: You must KYC your account to ensure the legitimacy of the stilt house and ensure international anti-money laundering laws.

Click here to register

Referral Code: r7405C


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