How to registerto get 10USDR free Coin of the exchange JeritEX [Make money online]

January 06, 2023
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What is JeritEX?

As introduced by the Exchange, JeritEX is a global cryptocurrency exchange, providing a platform for trading a wide range of cryptocurrencies around the world. JeritEX has competitive transaction fees, fast transaction processing speed with potential financial services: Spot, Futures, Launchpad, Credit line, Staking….

Currently, Jerri Ex is conducting an Airdrop program for all new registered accounts, each account that completes KYC will receive 10 USDR - Floor Coin of the Exchanger.

Register now Click here to register

Ref code: 61DHLZQSMV

Step by Step 

Fill in the registration information
- Email section: Enter your Email
- Password section: Enter your password
- Phone Number: Fill your phone number + Selec Country Code
- Ref code: 61DHLZQSMV

Step 2. Completing such KYC verification is that you are rewarded with 10 USDR
How to KYC

1. Take 3 photos:
1. Front of ID card or Driver's License, Passport, ...
2. Backside of ID card or Driver's License, Passport, ...
3. A photo of you holding papers and a sheet of paper with your name, date and time you're holding the document, with the word JeritEx written on it.


Uploaded images must be clear and not blurred. Images must be of high quality.
The size is not larger than 10mb. Format: jpg, png, jpeg.
ID approval time can be within 24 hours you can get the link to recruit refs.


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