How to get Goku Market Coins - 100 USD - Exchange tokens

January 06, 2023
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GOKUMAKET is an electronic convenience exchange that has been operating for a long time and belongs to the world's top 50 exchanges. Currently, GMC's own exchange coin has a total supply of 50 million. and is running the Aidrop program for new accounts. You can register by computer or phone

How to get Goku Market Coins - Exchange tokens

Step by Step:

Step 1 . Register - Click Here  

Ref Code: 6717220677

Step 2. Fill the registration information

You can register by phone or Email (select tab Phone or Email).

- Fill your Email (Or Phone) address

- Fill your password

Refcode: 6717220677

Select country

Click Submit

Step 3. Verify registration information

You access Email. Click on the link that Goku floor sent as follows

Register - Click Here  

Dear GokuMarket user,

Please click below to verify your email:

Your email verification link is active for 72 hours, then you will need to login and request a new link to verify your email. Email verification is a requirement to enjoy all the great services and benefits GokuMarket has to offer.
Note: If this email has reached you in error and you did not complete the GokuMarket registration, then please forward this email to and request that your email is removed.

Register - Click Here  

Step 4. KYC account

Preparation: You prepare 02 photos, of which 01 photo of the front face ID card, 01 photo of au ID card


You access the account with the registered name and password

(Note: Each time you access, the floor sends 01 Email, but 6 numbers ask you to verify your access)

- Choose KYC
- Upload 2 photos

-After uploading the photo, the floor requires face authentication. You activate consent, the camera is turned on and you put your face on the camera screen, shake your head and you're done

So you have completed KYC and received COIN Goku already.

Register - Click Here  


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