What is Glim Network? How to register for Glimnetwork and How to earn money daily on your phone with Glim network

December 14, 2022
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 Glim network is a newly launched cryptocurrency trading platform. Currently in this stilt house for free mining floor coins. Currently in the early stages of exchange coin development, Glim network has a program to mine this coin for free.

Powering The Blockchain Industry.

The platform is created to launch our token ($GLIM) and as well allow people to earn

Instructions for registering to mine and receive free daily exchange coins

Step 1. Click here  Glimnetwork 

Step 2.  Fill in the registration information (Email, full name)

Ref code:  H5TOZ1QC

Step 3. Verify registration information

You access the email and authenticate by copying the OTP code sent by the exchange, pasting it into the box that the app displays, then click submit

Every day, to receive coins, you open the app and

1. Click on the word Airdop

2. Click on the word Claim

3. Drag the horizontal slider to the right

So you get the Coin then

Tasks: You can perform the following tasks to earn exchange coins:

⚡8 hours get 4 GiLim

⚡5 hours watching ads to receive Glim

⚡Exploit until May, June, 2023

Click here  Glimnetwork 

Ref code:  H5TOZ1QC

Why Glimnetwork?

The complete solution for both new and experienced cryptocurrency users.

All In One Crypto Solution

We've combined and are still adding more crypto solutions that will greatly benefit crypto users.

Make Money

Our platform is designed to allow you to claim an airdrop of our base token (GLIM), which can later be exchanged for real money.

Decentralized Platform

One of the platforms' goals is to make it simple for investors to buy and sell tokens.

Total Supply


Distribution Date

May 2023 – June 2023

Number Of Tokens For Sale

Currently unavailable

Tokens Exchange Rate

Unavailable until listing


Solana & EVM BlockChain

Team Assemble And More

Glim starts generation and growth of group of teams, social publications and marketing / promotions. On the race to solve certain problems, such as poorly built project and shackled reputation, the core team implemented an airdrop system through mobile app for users to claim free $Glim before launching and CEX listings in order to prepare both investors, team and the community at large ahead of the long run and this serves as sort of method to reward our early users for their strong support.

The Developers will further implement swaping, crypto currency exchange prices on the GLIM app inbuilt DEX.

SEPT - NOV. 2022 Partnerships And More

Massive move for partnerships with well-known Crypto/Blockchain projects and problem-solving industries around the crypto sphere at large. During this time the team and management of Glimnetwork enlarges to bring quality services to Glim platform.

More beneficial features will be implemented to the Glim Inbuilt DEX to keep the community and investors moving.

DEC 2022 – JAN 2023 Concept

The Glim Network team and developers begin building of the Glim NFT marketplace, as well as the unveiling of their NFT sneak peak and partners.

The Glim smart contract will now be available for testing in order to avoid any errors or irregularities, as there will be no room for correction after the mainnet is launched.

The Glim free claiming rate may decrease at the end of the quarter.

FEB 2023 – APRIL 2023

Launching, Presale And Listing

Glim will launch fundraising rounds (pre-sales), followed by the official launch of the $Glim token.

Listings on centralized exchanges (CEX) begin in significant masses.

Distribution And More

The Glim Network smart contract is now operational on Mainnet. Free Glim tokens and Giveaway rewards will be reviewed and distributed to various Solana and EVM addresses.

The NFT Marketplace will also be live on mainnet during this phase, and the NFT launch date will be announced.

Following the distribution of Glim Tokens, the Glim Inbuilt DEX and CEX will fully manifest and expand to a standard Crypto Exchange platform, our previously mentioned staking protocol on Solana/EVM and our app, where $Glim, $GNST, USDT, USDC will stand firmly as the primary staking coins and other valuable assets for good yield.


With another round of airdrops to Blue Chip NFTs holders and Opensea traders, the Glim NFT launches and begins unveiling More Multi chain and Verified NFT partnerships.

The core team and DEVs will continue to push the project forward and into various real estates and metaverses around the world.

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