Guide: Sign up to mine PPM-PunkPanda - Mining by phone

January 06, 2023
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PPM is mined by App PunkPanda. When mining PPM token, you can withdraw to Trust or MetaMask wallet. Currently sponsored by Binance 1PPM = 0.1$. Now swapped. Punk Panda has a fairly diverse ecosystem. PPM will probably be the up-and-coming memcoin. PPM mining as a beginner is more valuable.

You can also buy PPM or Swap PPM to own PPM if you don't want to mine.

Guide: Sign up to mine PPM-PunkPanda - Mining by phone

Step 1. Download app and Install



Step 2. Sign up
1. Fill ref code59803756
2. Fill your registration information including:
- Your full name;
- Email registration;
- Phone number;
Step 3. Verify registration information
- You check your email, enter the number that Punk Panda sent you via email

From now on, you can open the app once a day to mine

↪ Vietnam version - Click here

↪ Other app mining coin Click here

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