How to mine CoinX to earn CNX daily by your phone [Make money online]

December 07, 2022
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 Coin-X Blockchain is a peer-to-peer network of computers and servers known as 'nodes', both of which participate in and oversee the transfer of information and assets. Every transfer is recorded on each user's computer. The buttons for the calculator will be available at the launch of the CoinX Wallet. Subscribe to our topics and announcements for more in-app information.

During the Coin-X promotion period, the Project gives its users the opportunity to mine CNX coins for free on the Coin-X Mining App. This is only for a limited time and limited number of people. Every coin earned in a mining session has a unique encrypted code stored in the Blockchain.

Join Mining coinx as soon as possible to own the most COINX coins.

Registration Instructions - Mining COINX daily by phone

Step 1. Click here to go Home page

Step 2. Download the App and install
You click Download App to download and install the App on your phone
Step 3. Register an account
Invite code inluon

You click Start Now to start the registration
Fill registration information including: Nick name, Select Your Country; Enter your phone number; 
Fill  your full name
Click Next Step

Fill your Email address, Password
Click Next Step

Invite code inluon

It is done. 
Now you login to the app to mine

How to mine?
Every day, you open 1 time and click on the Star button

I wish you success and good luck!

Mine CNX: Click here

Invite code: Inluon

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