Guide to register for free 14 ET, Superex exchange Coin [Earn ET Token - Make money online]

December 27, 2022
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Announcement on Officially Launching Platform Utility Token ET/USDT Trading Pair on September 30, 2022 (UTC)
ET is a Superex exchange coin, a free floor to promote users, you only need to register an account and you will receive 14 ET Tokens, (57USD)

After registering, maybe one day each ET TOKEN will cost 1USD, 5USD or 100 USD or more like HOUBI floor coin (up to >39 USD/ 1 HT Token), BINANCE (up to >690USD/1BNB; UNI up to 40USD or Remitano's Renec just opened the bowl X30) .... you have a lot of money already.

Let's not catch the enemy with our hands!

Guide to register for free 14 ET, Superex exchange 

Step 1. Sign up - Click here

Step  2.  Fill in the registration information (Email, full name)

Step 3. Verify registration information

You access the email and authenticate by clicking on the link that the ET exchange sent to the registered email

Step 4. Conduct 2-layer security (2FA) with google authy

Step 5. KYC

It is done


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