Guide for mining Core - BTCS by phone [New Update] (Core Mining by phone)

August 01, 2023
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Free CORE Mining More than 100 countries, tens of millions of miners

General Supply

According to Bitcoin's logical money model, CORE's supply has a hard cap of 2.1 billion tokens. Above the hard cap, a percentage of all block rewards and transaction fees will be burned similar to Ethereum’s “Ultra Sound Money” model. The exact rate burned will be determined by the DAO.

In fact, CORE will approach the total of 2.1 billion tokens but never quite reach it, similar to Avalanche's tokenomics model.

Emission curve

The block reward for CORE will be paid out over a period of 81 years. This longer period increases the likelihood of success of the chain by fully incentivizing all network participants before switching to full transaction fee compensation. This additional block reward in the form of CORE can also be seen as a way for existing BTC miners to continue receiving subsidies after the Bitcoin block reward is stopped (circa 2040) by becoming validators. on the Core network leverage their existing hashing power.

The Blockchain Triad is an issue that is well researched by both academics and market participants. It claims that all cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. tradeoffs between optimal security, scalability, and decentralization, often favoring the two with cost the third.

Guide for mining Core BTCS by phone

Step 1. Click here 

Click on the link to register:

Note: Click on the new link to dig and the larger the group, the higher the mining speed

After registering, you download the app and install it

With a phone, you download the app first and register

Step 2. Register - Open Acount

↪ Fill in your Email address and then select Sign Up. Go to your email inbox to get the 6-digit code it sent to you and enter it in the confirmation box on the app.

↪ Fill login password

↪ Download the BTCs App and log in to your account

Step 3, KYC 

↪ Click Start Mining then it asks for KYC

You do the following in turn:

↪ Face verification: (Phone forces you to rotate your head and shake your head for a while)

↪ Identity Verification

- Fill in your name: capitalize without accents

- Enter number: Identity 

- Click Veryfi App to request access

⚡ The camera you accept and allow is gone.

⚡ App shows Camera Sealfy up, then you follow the steps in turn to ask for face authentication.

⚡ As the App requires: Look straight, turn left if you see the word left, turn right if you see the word right, end your head down if you see the word down, then tilt your head up, finally wink, then look straight at the camera again. 


Increase mining speed (hash) by sending hashcards and gift cards to new players: the player increases the mining speed by 30k, the inviter also increases 1k. Each person can only receive 1 time for each service but can invite many people)


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