What is Sidra Bank? How to mine Sidra Token by your phone or computer Sidra[Make money online]

December 27, 2022
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According to the official introduction from the project, Sidra Bank serves as the world's first Islamic decentralized finance platform based on blockchain.

Aimed at helping Muslims as well as non-Muslims, digital banking provides a currency trading platform that is compliant with religious laws and powered by cutting-edge technology.

For non-Muslims, Sidra Bank also offers significant benefits through interest-free loans using groundbreaking technologies.

Another key feature of the platform is its Sidra Pay system. Scheduled to launch next year, the payments program will serve as a secure and hassle-free channel for international transactions.

Basic information of the project:

– Total Supply: 21 million SIDRA (in BTC)

– November 2022 will conduct KYC

– October 2023 Mainnet & ability to list major exchanges: Binance, Coinbase…

– Like Renec, to dig Sidra, you need to checkin every 24 hours to receive 2 SIDRA.


(Mine on phone or computer is okay)

Step 1. CLICK HERE to go to the registration homepage (if you use the phone, go to googleplay and download the app)

Step 2. Fill registration information

First entry: Middle name and First name

– Second entry: Last name

– Third entry: Your Email

– 4th item choose: Your Country

– 5th and 6th items: Your password

Note that the password must include: letters, numbers, special characters ( @, #, * ..... )

Then you choose REGISTER

Step  3. Email verification and account activation

You go to check mail, find the mail as shown below and Click on the link sent in Mail

Search in the Mailbox but there is no mail, please check in the Spam mailbox!

So that's it then.

Every day, you work hard digging and plow hoes, one day not far away, you will pick up sweet fruits.

After registration is complete, you install the app on your phone and log in

In addition to clicking Sidra every day, to earn more Sidra, you should invite your brothers and friends to join in digging with your registration link.

For each new person you are given 10 Sidra and this number is given "only" once.

That is, every day if the ref has a mining size or not, you still do not receive or lose any more Sidra.

I wish you success and good luck!



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