Airdrop get 4000 NAFTY Tokens for free - Nafty Token Airdrop

Airdrop get 4000 NAFTY Tokens for free - Nafty Token Airdrop

Step by step guide: 

Step 1. Click here to get Tokens (Telegram channel)

Step 2. Perform tasks: Join Telegram;

Step 3. Paste your Trust or Meta wallet address BSC PEP20 network

Step 4. Add contract to Trust wallet or Meta network BSC PEP20 network


It is done!

Distribution: All withdrawals will be automatically paid after January 1, 2022.

Nafty allows you to participate in the NFT market without having to invest large sums to get the most valuable NFT artwork.

With Nafty, we split ownership of valuable Digital Assets so you can participate profitably without having to purchase the entire asset.


Your NFT tokens can be attached to and decoupled from your portfolio.

Distributed ownership means more opportunities to stack your assets.


Monitor and adjust your ownership shares. Invest your shares in income generating instruments with ease.

Centralized and Decentralized Exchanges

For convenience, all of our NFT/RFT tokens are listed on top exchanges, along with being available at major DeFi exchange markets like UniSwap.

Generate Non-Fungible / Re-Fungible Tokens

The key to the entire system lies in an array of nested Smart Contracts that allow us to provide accessible portions of the most valuable asset classes. Normally this would be the limit for ordinary investors. We expand the possibility of high profit with high artistry.

NAFT . Token

Use NAFT and you get 100% leverage when you use NAFT to buy NFT/RFT shares! Hold NAFT and you get dividends from every sale on the Nafty Platform!

Basic things

Okay, so these are called “NFTs” or “Nonfutable Tokens.” They are a type of token that lives on the Ethereum blockchain. Usually, the token on Ethereum is like ERC20 - this is a token whose creator sets the rules for its use and issues a certain amount of tokens, such as 1 billion tokens. ERC20 is traded on exchanges or there is also a new way to trade called decentralized exchange (more on that later) NFTs is a token that denotes ownership of some piece of digital assets - like digital images or music tracks. NFT has a piece - it has an owner and it is a token. If someone buys an NFT for $10,000 there is only one NFT they have. They can then try to resell it at a different price. They'll have to sell the whole thing at once, though, since it's a single object, so he'll have to find a buyer who pays more than $10,000.


(1) Airdrop bet is completely free, you should not deposit any coins if required.

(2) do not send 12 wallet recovery keys to anyone or any website requesting it.

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