Airdrop get 0.1 YFIC tokens for free - No duty

 Airdrop get 0.1 YFIC tokens for free - No duty

Step 1. Click here to get tokens 

Step 2. Copy your wallet (ERC20-ETH)

Step 3. Add contract in meta/trust


It is done!

Airdrop distribution from 10/12/2021

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(1) Airdrop bet is completely free, you should not deposit any coins if required.

(2) do not send 12 wallet recovery keys to anyone or any website requesting it.

Token Name: 


  • Token Ticker: 


  • Token Decimals: 


  • Token Contract Address: 


  • Token Based: 

    Ethereum ERC-20

  • Token Total Supply: 

    40000 YFIC

  • Token Presale: 

    20000 YFIC

  • Token Softcap: 

    80 ETH

  • Token Hardcap: 

    200 ETH

  • We're building a transparent, secured, user-friendly, and strong yield farming platform, that would provide opportunity for the YFIC holders to get benefits from several platforms provided by YFIChain.

  • We are building the world's first sustainable deflationary farming ecosystem. Our yield APY % will directly correlate to the number of YFIC holders and liquidity provided. The greater the number of investors who hold YFIC and provide liquidity, the greater the returns for the whole community!

  • YFIChain team is focused on creating a one-stop service on the block chain. Our focus is to build a project that essentially addresses the primary problems in the current blockchain environment. The pillars of YFIChain are to build products that work at low transaction costs with high transaction speeds, a simplistic and straightforward user experience as well a highly intuitive user interface.

  • Combined with the YFIChain team’s expertise in corporate experience, project management, and multi-layer marketing programs as well as extensive networks outside of the cryptocurrency world, the YFIChain team is dedicated to building the YFIChain platform to expand its use and utility not just for investments but also real-world applications. Extending a project's utility not just within the blockchain environment but to real-world uses as well.

  • ● Presale time: 2021-10-22 to 2021-12-11 (UTC-7).
  • ● Presale quantity: 20,000 YFIC (50%).
  • ● Presale price: 1 ETH = 100 YFIC.
  • Mini buy is 0.05 ETH, and max buy is 10 ETH.
  • Send ETH from your wallet to the presale address below. Our system will send YFIC tokens to your wallet instantly.

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