Airdrop 100 free PeaceTokens -PeaceToken Airdrop

December 27, 2021
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Airdrop 100 free PeaceTokens -PeaceToken Airdrop

Airdrop 100 free PeaceTokens -PeaceToken Airdrop

Step by step guide

Step 1. Click here to get Tokens (Telegram channel)

Step 2. Perform tasks: Join Telegram; Tweet, Instagram

Step 3. Paste your Meta or trust wallet address BSC- PEP20 network

Step 4. Add contract to BSC-PEP20 network meta wallet


It is done!

Distribution: December 31, 2021

About the Peace Token ($PET):

Peace Token ( is an experiment in Decentralized Finance to help financially independent amateur investors.

▪️You can also get an extra 100$ PET token for each bot participant using your referral link.

▪️ Rewards will be distributed to your BSC wallet address within 24 hours of your request.

▪️This airdrop event ends on December 31, 2021.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask at our Telegram Group (

Peace Token is an experiment in Decentralized Finance to make amateur investors financially independent. To reach the goal of 50 cents as soon as possible. And make a milestone in the Crypto Industry of the World by setting an example. Currently, peace comes only when a person has enough money in their pocket to fulfill their dream. This is called Financial Peace and we are sure our ecosystem will provide for it.

We know the crypto market in India along with the world has seen a large influx of investors. But in India, most investors are not whales. They are people with small amounts of money in their pockets such as savings from pocket money given by parents, savings from salary. Whales can manipulate the coin's strategy with just tweets or invest in larger numbers and once a pump occurs they will sell and dump the Project. This project is purely for those who invest small amount but along with the development of the coin, the progress of investors also continues. This coin was created purely with the intention of not being affected by such activities of whales.

Qualities of Peace Token

Completely transparent.

There is no gimmick to buy in larger quantities like trillions or trillions.

A clear roadmap with achievements to be achieved every 20 days.

Make every investor financially independent.

Keep the faith.

Achieve mathematically possible goals.

Social services focus on orphans and the elderly.

NFT Starter Platform

Launching NFT Platform to Incentive MEMERS, Tiktokers, Instagram Influencers and Youtubers .NFT lauchpad is a place where talented people from any part of the world can create their own NFT and we will help them sell it by minimum fees Through our NFT platform and we will also release NFTS on our ecosystem.


Total supply: - 25 Billion

Developer: - 4 Billion

Burn: - 1.5 billion 

Promotion and liquidity: - 7.5 billion 

Social services: - 2 billion 

Public launch: - 10 billion 

Click the "Join the Airdrop" button to continue...


(1) Airdrop bet is completely free, you should not deposit any coins if required.

(2) do not send 12 wallet recovery keys to anyone or any website requesting it.


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