How to get free registration to receive 600 OKPi Token - BSC-HECO-PI Cross-chain Network - No KYC required

April 11, 2022
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Okpi, Cross-chain Deployment Token with (BSC) Smart Chain Coin An. The project is having a program to give away 600 OKPi Tokens and every day you log in, you will receive 500 free OKPi Tokens that can be withdrawn to the digital wallet for instant trading!

This activity is valid for Singapore time: 20 October 2021 - 20 November 2021; the okpi used for the activity rewards will be used to reward the participating players after 28 October, after the project team has gone to the open market to purchase them, while we will crack down on the brushing of numbers in a multi-dimensional manner.

Okpi campaign reward rules

Invite a new user. 500 No restrictions

Successfully registered as a member. 500 -

Successful daily login. 100 Up to once a day

How to get free registration to receive 600 OKPi Token - BSC-HECO-PI Cross-chain Network - No KYC required

Step 2. CLick Register for the event now"

Step  3. Register information (Full name, email, password)

So you have received 600 Tokens

Every day you Claim get 100 Tokens

Okpi NFT

Participate in the promotion and receive okpi rewards that can be withdrawn to your digital wallet for instant trading! Please see below for the rules of the campaign rewards.
Overview: okpi ecological landing application one of the NFT market has been officially launched for testing, we focus on building the largest NFT market based on pi network, currently pi network main network is not yet online, so currently our NFT testing main network contract testing is based on BSC (coinan smart chain), ethereum and other current testing, the purpose is to allow users to experience our priority The purpose is to let users experience our NFT casting, trading and other functions first; when the pi network mainnet is online and running its own smart contract platform, our program can be seamlessly migrated. In the future, our NFT mainnet will mainly support the pi network platform while also supporting multiple chains, including ethereum, BSC, HECO, polygon, etc. We will continue to open it up according to the needs of NFT users.

In order to promote more users to actively participate in the testing of our NFT platform, and as an incentive for more pi miners and other blockchain enthusiasts to build our project ecosystem, we are launching the first phase of the NFT Foundry Bounty Program.

Eligibility to participate.

No restrictions, anyone who posts their work (pictures, game cards, music, artwork), etc. on our NFT ( ) test platform (currently the contract is created on the BSC chain) will automatically be eligible for this event.

Award Scheme.

The first phase of the campaign where the okpi community will buy back 1 billion okpi as total reward tokens on the BSC Coin Security Smartchain.

Any user participating in NFT casting will be rewarded with 10-1000 random okpi airdrop tokens for each entry posted to their wallet address, and the obtained okpi can be traded at any time without restriction.

Planned time.

The start date is 29 October 2021.

The deadline is until the 1 billion first campaign okpi have been distributed.

Other articles:
All award decisions, including eligibility and amounts of awards and the manner in which such awards are paid, are at the sole discretion of the OKpi team.
The terms and conditions of this program are subject to change as circumstances dictate.


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