How to get Airdrop 50,000 SHIBAINU Tokens for free

November 09, 2021
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How to get Airdrop  50,000 SHIBAINU Tokens for free

Airdrop 50,000,000 SHIB (your balance will be valid if you have completed all tasks)

Step by step

Step 1. Lick here (Tele Chanle)

Step 2. Join Tele, Tweet group

Step 3. Fill Your Meta or Trust wallet (Mạng BSC vào Tele)

Step 4. Add Contract 




- Airdrop bet is a completely free bet. If there is an Airdrop invitation to send fees, you absolutely do not send it to ensure the safety of your wallet.

- Airdeop bets most tokens are locked and cannot be sold immediately. You need time to wait and watch.

--------------------------------------------------- -

Please do the required tasks to be eligible for the airdrop token.

1. To participate - Get 50,000,000 (SHIB)

2. For Each Referral - Get 10,000,000 (SHIB)

3. By participating, you agree to the SHIB Program Terms and Conditions. Please see the pinned post for more information.


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