How to get 100 BXS tokens and Claim Presale BXS - Join IDO BXIE Batlle to xxx Your investment capital

December 11, 2021
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Bxie, a Metaverse-style Play to earn game that has an Airdrop and Presale program. According to the introduction (if true), it is now a branch from the popular AXIE game and has the top AXS tokens on coinmarketcap (150USD/Token).

Here. you have 2 options: Airdrop or buy IDO.

For the Airdrop program, you get 100 BXS Tokens
For the Presale claim program, you can buy a minimum of 0.1 BNB while the maximum is 20 BNB.

1.  Airdrop get 100 BXS

Step 1.  Click here =>>>Airdrop get 100 BXS

Step 2.  Fill Meta marsk wallet (BSC network), Email


You get 100 BXS and open PET for play game to earn

↪ Get 100 Token BXS

 Cutdown : 25/12/2021

  Withdraw: 26/12/2021

  Contract: 0xF2E71B054B6b0F3C5513Af505E6c072008ECFaCD

↪ Website:

2. IDO - Pre sale

Step 1.  Click here =>>> Buy IDO BXS

Step 2.  Fill Meta marsk wallet (BSC network), Email

Step 3. Fill amount you want invest  (minimum 0.1 BNB  maximum 20 BNB)

Link : IDO - Pre sale Claim

Bxie to Launch 2nd Round Presale

Dear community members,

We are glad to announce the end of Bxie infinity’s 1st week presale. Beyond the optimal purchase volume we are witnessing, our community is also growing at a stunning speed. For one, Bxie’s twitter now has over 7,000 followers, and our telegram group already has more than 10,000 members!!

As our presale enters the 2nd week, every participant can receive a 5% discount on their BXS purchase. This round of presale will start from 2021-11-18 at 3am(UTC) and continue for 7 days. Below is our presale timeline:

What makes Bxie Infinity better and unique?

✅ Lower Gas fee

Bxie Infinity is based on Binance Smart Chain, the gas fee is only $0.1-$1. Our counterparts usually charge over $100 per transaction.

✅ Cheaper to play

The minimum input that is required to play Axie Infinity is currently over $500, which is way too high of a threshold for many people.

✅ Unique referral and guild mechanism

We’ve designed a more advanced invitation system which includes a permanent attribution of your referrals. You will receive BNB, BXS, blindbox and other rewards from your referrals.

Regarding community feedbacks

During the past few days, many of our community members have questions regarding Bxie Infinity’s forking strategy. In fact, forking is not new to the blockchain industry. Bitcoin cash forked from Bitcoin, Sushiswap and Pancakeswap both forked from Uniswap and Binance Smart Chain forked from Ethereum. These foregoing projects have all made great success. Forking is meant to resolve the issues of the existing projects. Forked from Axie Infinity, Bxie infinity is simply an effort being made to achieve yet another level of perfection.

Our team always cherishes a more intimate and frequent interaction with the community. Therefore, we are going to steadily increase the transparency of our project by hosting Q&A sessions and publishing weekly or monthly newsletter. For your reference, we have further optimized our presale & airdrop procedure this week. We are also looking at the release of Bxie’s Dashboard and Marketplace within the next few days.

Last but not least, our AUDIT is currently in process, which we will discuss in detail in the near future.

  • Phrase 1

    Design tokenomics and whitepaper

    Launch first round NFT community airdrop

    Launch presale

    Start the early marketing

    Launch social media, Twitter, telegram, etc.

    List the blind box

    Finish the closed beta test of Bxie Infinity

  • Phrase 2

    Launch games

    Launch NFT marketplace

    List on pancakeswap

    List on coingecko

    List on coinmarketcap

    Audit by third party

    10,000 telegram members

    Invite more than 5,000 crypto KOLs to promo

    Launch the worldwide marketing

  • Phrase 3

    Update Bxie games 2.0

    List on major exchanges

    Launch guild system

    List the game guild system NFT

    50,000 telegram members

    Establish more than 1,000 blockchain game guild system

    Launch PvP battle competition season

  • Phrase 4

    Launch land

    Launch BXS staking

    Update items of the game

    100,000 telegram members

    Update with Axie Infinity

    Launch Bxie Infinity Swap

    Launch DAO


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