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Collect NFTs, fight monsters that protect the Ninja village, and explore infinitely immersive environments in this blockchain-based NFT Action RPG built on the LEGOFI METAVERSE Framework. The game universe connects to the LEGO native token as the in-game currency. Fight monsters to receive many valuable items, or you can participate in team battles with enemies to collect LEGO.

How to Claim Airdrop Pre Sale 1,000 Lego Tokens - Game Metaverse - XXX accounts (List of exchanges 11/30/2021)

  Step 1. Visit website Click Claim Airdrop to get  Tokens

 Step 2. Copy contract address to your  Meta wallet 

 Step 3. Click Buy (Fill the amount of BNB you want to buy, from 0.01 BNB to 10 BNB
  Click Buy
It is done,



As a Fire Ninja, Kai is a loyal and protective person to his friends. He is Nya's younger brother – a member of the group. Kai is very open-minded and full of enthusiasm. However, he is also quite impatient with Master Wu's instructions, such as using two wooden sticks to create fire.


Nya is Kai's older sister. Focused, focused, confident and highly motivated, Nya is the only female member of the ninja team. Every step Nya takes, she often tries to bring both subtlety and care into it. She often rides her motorbike to school and each time, the students in the school are better off getting out of the way for Nya to pass.


Carrying the role and power of the Earth Ninja, Cole has a strong passion and interest in music. It was something he couldn't live without. Therefore, the machine that Cole controls is capable of generating ultrasonic waves to knock down opponents, but not to shatter the windows of buildings or cars. He quite enjoyed hearing Master Wu play the flute.


Lloyd is a young man with green eyes. He has two identities, one is a high school student and the other is the Green Ninja - the leader of the ninja group that is quietly protecting the city. Lloyd is the son of Koko and Garmadon - the villain with a great plot to dominate the world. This makes Lloyd very sad and guilty, because he has to bear the stigma of everyone at school for every mistake his father makes. Fortunately, besides Lloyd, there are still friends who really understand him.


Zane is a pretty special guy because he is made up of half human, half robot. He can shoot down opponents with an icy shot. Zane is programmed by the system, but he is not a real robot and because of that, he always reminds everyone that he is just a very ordinary teenager.


Jay has the abilities of a Light Ninja. He comes from a loving family so he understands how difficult and ironic Lloyd finds his father. He is a cautious person and often shows a lot of anxiety. The only problem he has is confessing his feelings to Nya because every time he intends to do so, there will be an interruption that makes it impossible.

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