How  to Claim Airdrop get  10 DXDY tokens (300USD) - Cutdown 4/12/2022

DXDY.FINANCE là một thế hệ trao đổi phi tập trung mới, sử dụng công cụ khả năng mở rộng Lớp 2, hỗ trợ các giao dịch đòn bẩy và cung cấp tỷ lệ giao dịch thấp hơn. DXDY là mã thông báo quản trị của DXDY.FINANCE, với tổng nguồn cung chỉ 10.000.000. DXDY sẽ được niêm yết trên các sàn giao dịch Hotbit, Binance và Coinbase. Giá niêm yết ước tính của DXDY là $ 30. 

How  to Claim Airdrop get  10 DXDY tokens (300USD) - Cutdown 23/12/2022

Step by step

  Step 1.  Click Here Claim Airdrop to get 10 DXDY Tokens

 Step  2. Copy contract address

 Step  3.Paste to your wallet  (Trust, Meta Wallet - ETH  Network)

Gas fee: 0.001 BNB. 



DXDY.FINANCE is a new generation of decentralized exchanges, using a Layer 2 scalability engine, supporting leveraged transactions, and providing lower transaction rates. DXDY is the governance token of DXDY.FINANCE, with a total supply of only 10,000,000. DXDY will be listed on Hotbit, Binance and Coinbase exchanges. The estimated listing price of DXDY is $30.


DXDY.FINANCE joined hands with StarkWare which employed StarkEx, a Layer 2 scalability engine that aims to improve the trading on platform. In simple words, the impact will be similar to the upcoming Eth 2.0 upgrade, as the gas costs will become zero, minimum trade sizes will be reduced, and trading fees will be lower.

The purpose of DXDY.FINANCE is to provide secure trading services with low gas costs and fees. To achieve this, the platform is now moving towards Layer 2 with the help of StarkWare to increase its trade settlement capacity.

  • Pre-sale
  • Community Airdrop
  • Farm, Staking, Pools, Liquidity
  • Project Partners
  • Team and Development

How to claim DXDY?

DXDY is the governance token of DXDY.FINANCE, with a total application of only 10,000,000. Among them, 2,000,000 DXDY tokens for community airdrop, and distributed to community users for free. 4,000,000 DXDY tokens for presale, and the presale price is 1 ETH = 20,000 DXDY. After the presale is completed, DXDY will be listed on Uniswap, Hotbit, Binance and Coinbase exchanges immediately. DXDY tokens can now be obtained by participating in DXDY airdrop or presale. After presale is completed, you can buy DXDY through exchanges.

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