Hướng dẫn Airdrop nhận 50 ELEF Tokens miễn phí 

ELEF WORLD is an NFT game with simple gameplay. It allows players to earn LF rewards which can be exchanged at any time into ELEF Tokens. ELEF World will develop 10 games with the One Universal token ELEF. No need to have any gaming experience to play this game, it's very simple for anyone to invest and join in the fun.

Our NFT game will focus on building 10 different metaverse games that will allow investors to make a sizable profit by: Buying and trading NFT characters in the game, Exploring Mining, Farm, Fight enemies and Bosses for LF, play PVP game mode to earn weekly prize pool and more!

 Airdrop instructions to receive 50 ELEF Tokens for free

Step by Step:

Step 1. Click here (Telegram chanel)

Step 2. Join Telegram chanel; Follow Tweet; Discord

Step 3. Fill your wallet (Meta - Trust,  BSC Network)

Contract: 0xd4d03e510b382244b2289637b5f7d9067bcaae85

Information about Airdrops:

▪️ Reward: 50$ ELEF

▪️ End date: 10/12/2021

▪️ Distribution: 12/17/2021

▪️ Recipients: All participants.


- Airdrop bet is a completely free bet. If there is an Airdrop invitation to send fees, you absolutely do not send it to ensure the safety of your wallet.

- Airdeop bets most tokens are locked and cannot be sold immediately. You need time to wait and watch.

In the past few years since the pandemic hit, a lot of people have lost their jobs and sources of income. People evolved in finding ways to provide for their families. Online jobs are starting to appear. These range from online tutorials, blogs of just about anything imaginable, and other different things. One of them is the NFT game. These games provide a different kind of environment where players can play and earn money at the same time. There are a lot of NFT games suddenly on offer. Axie Infinity, Crypto Blades, Plant vs Undead, and more.

One of the similarities of these NFT games is their tokenomics. Each game has their own token that you need to buy as an initial investment to start their game. This is where ELEF World will change that!

Ronald Cartey is a UK-born businessman specializing in business development and management, he has built and led many organizations to international success. With a proven history in managing major international companies over the past 30 years in Africa, Australia, Asia and the UK, his extensive experience in a wide range of sectors ensures that his expertise His widespread recognition makes him the ideal person to grow and lead the company forward.

Additionally, this seasoned corporate experience coupled with his successful Business Development expertise in the Cryptocurrency space means that Ronald is well equipped to provide expertise on 'growth, expansion and leadership' alongside understanding and insight into the world of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.

Having held several Senior Executive positions providing strategic and management consulting services in the areas of international marketing, business development and media services, Daniel is a key member of the Management team. . His corporate background has included integrating online/offline marketing activities that connect events, PR, social media and website and apps development.

Author, Senior Executive and Investor in Sales, Marketing, Business Development and Management with extensive Asia-wide connections and relationships in a variety of Industries through an important network of Building strong relationships and relationships over the past 20 years, his Global Expansion reputation has been built on the success of several of the Companies he has mentored and worked for to exceptional success. for shareholders as well as members.

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