Hanacoin has the flexibility to quickly adapt to the best technology available without the need for consensus from competing groups with their own motives.

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HaNa is listed Conmarketcap (See price)

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Hanacoin is a digital currency sponsoring world champion athletes, providing an alternative to fiat currency.

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What is Hanacoin words only logo

Hanacoin is a digital currency sponsoring world champion athletes, providing an alternative to fiat currency.

Dark Gravity Wave

Dark Gravity Wave (DGW) is an open source difficulty-adjusting algorithm for Bitcoin-based cryptocurrencies. Evan Duffield authored DGW as a response to a time-warp exploit found in Kimoto's Gravity Well. In concept, DGW is similar to Kimoto Gravity Well, adjusting the difficulty levels every block (instead of every 2016 blocks like Bitcoin) by using statistical data of the last blocks found. This allows block issuing times to remain consistent despite high fluctuations in hashpower, however, it doesn't suffer from the time-warp exploit. Version 3.0 was implemented on May 14 of 2014 to further improve difficulty re-targeting with smoother transitions. It also fixes issues with various architectures that had different levels of floating-point accuracy through the use of integers.


With the rise of ASIC(Application Specific Integrated Circuit) mining, standard mining equipment can no longer compete with specially designed ASIC miners. Lyra2REv3 is designed to defend miners from this unfair competition. The algorithm is designed to be strictly sequential which allows a defence Scrypt-Adaptive-N Capable ASICs. Lyra2REv3 algorithm favours GPUs over CPUs. Lyra2REv3 consists of a series of hash functions: BLAKE, Lyra2mod, CubeHash, Lyra2mod and Blue Midnight Wish. Using Lyra2REv3 enables us to adjust the memory usage for mining along with adjusting a time cost, which allows us to stay ahead of development of ASIC. Support the Hanacoin project and earn Hanacoin by mining.

Coin Details

Lyra2REv3 algorithm

1.5 minute block targets

Subsidy halves in 1,225,000 blocks (~3 years)

50 coins per block

Dark Gravity Wave V3 difficulty adjustment

122,500,000 Total Coins

Ticker symbol HANA

SegWit active from block 635040.

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