How to claim get 18 BEX tokens for free -(Cut dow 30/10/2021)

Bitcoin Exchange - Earn more by holding

Bitcoin exchanges are very beneficial and designed to reward long-term holders. Community comes first. Bitcoin Exchange is proud to be run with its father and provides transparency and fairness to the community. Also make a difference to save Bitms worldwide.

  Step 1. Visit website Click Claim Airdrop 

 Step 2. Copy contract address 

 Step 3.  Paste in your wallet (Ex: Trust Wallet, Meta Wallet - BSC Network)


Gas fee: 0.0003 BNB. 

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Stage 1 - Birth

Promotional marketing to spread awareness

Launch the website

5000 members telegram

Meme development

Bitcoin Exchange was born!

Stage 2 - Information gathering

Boost influencer marketing

Listed on the gecko coin

List on coin market cap

15,000 telegram members

25,000 owners

Third party audit

Voluntary contributions to the community + charity partners

Stage 3

100,000 owners

100,000 telegram members

Airdrop #2

Drive influencer marketing

List on big cex

More memes from the community

Credit card for online cryptocurrency on our website.

Stage 4 - Run

150,000 owners

marketing boost

Bitcoin Swaps

More ways more memes

Website redesign

Bitcoin Exchange Paw (Paw Wallet Growth Monitor)

Stage 5 - Jump

300,000 people have

Release of NFT Marketplace for Bitcoin Exchange Treats. Baby shiba Treats will be available to Bexchange token holders.

Give away Tesla to promote Bitcoin Exchange's eco-friendly campaign against Bitm at $250 million market cap.

1. Claim end date 30/10/2021

2. Transaction fee: 0.0005 BNB

3. Airdrop in virtual currency means a project will give away their coin/token for free to the community. With the Binance Smart Chain network, you only need to do a few simple steps such as requesting an airdrop for a small fee of BNB to receive coins / tokens. Or do some tasks like register an account or follow twitter, telegram to receive coin/token.

4. Different from receiving the Airdrop completely without fees (but you have to do some tasks like Join Tele, Like, Tweet ... and wait for the token to return to the wallet, locked for sale with luck. (see here), Claim requires you to need to transfer Tokens to your wallet with a small fee (about 0.0003BNB <=> a few thousand dong) but in return, the token will return to your wallet immediately and you can sell get money according to the floor list project schedule.

Join telegram channel

Register EX change to Sell or buy Crypto

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Sign up Poloniex exchange

Sign up Remitano exchange

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