[Stop] How to get 10,000 TimeX Tokens (TMX Tokens) for free - Timex Exchanger UK - Tokens (300 USDT)

October 21, 2021
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TIMEX - a newly born DEX exchange from the UK started the Ico phase. During this period, the floor house Bonuses each new user who registers 10,000 of their Tokens without spending a single penny. After the Ico phase, the floor will issue Tokens for 5 rounds, the price of the 5th round is 0.03 USDT/TMX.

(So you will get 10,000 *0.03 = 300USDT)

Guide Step by step 

Step 1. Visit TIMEX's homepage here 

Step 2. Fill Your information

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You Login to your Tronlink wallet address

Copy the TRX wallet address and paste it into the Username section.

Fill  referral code (required):  Q8eRHa

Click Signup to register
Then click Signin to enter TMX

Fill  referral code (required):  Q8eRHa

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Ref:  Q8eRHa

Step 3: Go to tronlink wallet (click on the small + sign on the right to paste contract 1004260 to get the TMX address out)

Fill  referral code (required):  Q8eRHa

Step 4: Send Your TMX wallet address to telegram group to get 10,000 TMX

Visit the telegram group to paste your wallet into this group

Click here to join the Tele Time group

So that's it then.
Get 10.000 TMX Tokens now Click here
Ref:  Q8eRHa


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