How to Claim Airdrop get 12 Rerlink Tokens-(Cut dow 30/10/2021)

October 08, 2021
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  How to Claim Airdrop get 12 Rerlink Tokens-(Cut dow 30/10/2021)

Guide Step by Step: 

 Step 1. Visit Site project and Click Claim Airdrop to Receive Tokens

 Step 2. Copy contract address 


 Step 3. Paste Contract to Trust wallet or Meta Wallet (BSC Network)

Gas fee: 0.0005 BNB. (Buy BNB click here)

List  PanCakeswap,


See more claim Project Click here


Build your own digital bank service

Do you still rely on time consuming, expensive financial services? RERLIN fixes this. Take back the full control of your entire financial life

One application.For all daily financial needs.

Your everyday activities imply finance more than you think - hence we make dozens of transactions on a daily basis.

Scan anything using the magic button, exchange between any currencies, connect with friends financially or use escrow payments to leverage business trust.

Everything with just one app.

Where we are.

What should you do now?

RERLIN app is being set up as we speak and a preliminary release date will be announced when ready. In the meanwhile, there's plenty of ways you can engage and earn tokens.

01. Join the waiting list

The app will be released in batches The higher positioned you are on the list, the higher chances to get access earlier

02. Use your influential power

Your own network can help you accumulate the RERLIN token. Our refferal system is designed to reward your social involvement.

03. Amplify RERLIN

Get even more RERLIN tokens using our amplifier system. Spread the word and you will be rewarded.

04. Deposit to Earn BTC, USDT, RERLIN

8.32% APY for depositing BTC and 16.18% for USDT, compound rate Withdrawals available every day Flexible For all needs.

Engines ignited. Stay tuned.

The Unstoppable Revolution Video

Our introductory video was released to provide a brief overview of our vision and mission. You can watch it here. here

Website First Version

The first version of wesbite was released. We enabled you to join the waiting list, build your profile and use your influencial power to refer people to accumulate RERLIN tokens.

Website Second Version

A new website version with a fresh look and feel is launched. We enabled you to amplify and deposit to earn BTC, USDT and RERLIN rewards.

Use Case Videos

These videos are part of an explainer series that provides an applied in-depth view on all RERLIN capabilities and functionalities. The first series will be available soon. here

Global Expansion

We will expand our business and presence on the global market, unlocking new growth opportunities.


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