How to Claim Airdrop get 1 NBIT token NBIT  -(Cut dow 30/12/2021)

Guide Step by Step: 

 Step 1. Copy contract address 


 Step  2. Paste Contract to Trust wallet or Meta Wallet (BSC Network)

 Step 3. Visit Site project and Click Claim Airdrop to Receive Tokens

Gas fee: 0.002 BNB. (Buy BNB click here)

Yoy can BUY IDO-PRESALE to earn more


See more claim Project Click here


The platform for fast connection between blockchains

Airdrop & Referral

Claim 20 $NBIT

Referral no limit bonus.

100% Referal commission on Buy or Claim $NBIT.

NBIT Token is connection between blockchains to the real world

Total Supply: 7.8 Million NBIT
Token Name - NBIT Token
Token Symbol - NBIT
Token Decimal - 18
Contract Address - 0xa11f1bba4959a5a7e644cbf23e41ac86ca2887d4

NBIT Token’s vision of lowering the barrier and enabling established business with blockchain technology to create value and solve real world economic problems has been clear to us from the very beginning.

In this phase, technical developers are the major force to build up the initial infrastructure protocols based on imaginations and projections. The competition is about programming language, protocol, algorithm and technical developer community.

Applications in this early stage of blockchain adoption are coming from the more obvious use cases that leverage features and functionalities of the blockchain technology, such as ICOs, DAOs, and betting applications (or gaming with betting features),along with infrastructure applications as needed like explorers, wallets, exchanges (centralized or decentralized).

NBIT will built upon existing proven blockchain innovations and novel technologies that are created for achieving mass adoption.

The Proof-of-Authority consensus is a consensus algorithm that demands nodes to be authorized in order to participate in the blockchain consensus. Once authorized, nodes are given equal chances to publish new blocks and gain rewards. As a result, there is no need for nodes to spend vast amount of resources to compete with each other. In addition, richer nodes do not have more advantages than other nodes in the system.

Information About Tokens
  • Token NameNBIT Token
  • SymbolNBIT
  • Token Decimals18
  • Type of TokenBEP-20
  • Total Supply of Tokens7,800,000

Information About Tokens Purchase
  • Minimum Payment0.01 BNB
  • Maximum Payment4 BNB
  • ReferralNo Limits
  • SoftCap300 BNB
  • Hardcap1000 BNB

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