Guide to mine TEB coin - NFT by phone (Make money online by phone)

September 13, 2021
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About the TEB token NFT project

TEB is a ship project. TEB tokens can participate in the exchange, purchase and sale of in-game items, and sell other NFTs.

Currently TEB is in phase 1, mining by phone to stimulate and introduce to users

Total Supply 200 million NFT Coins

Smart Chain Network Bep20

Contract: 0x1326e89a4b9ab6db3c996a246606018471ac4520

Step by Step

Step 1: Register (Click here to register)

Fill your email and password with special characters.

Click on the Verication code button to get the registration email confirmation code

Login your email, the floor will send you 06 characters, you copy and re-enter the registration part.

Click here to register


Step 2: Download the App to your phone

Click here

You log in to the account on the app with the registered name and password

Step 3. KYC account

You upload 2 photos of ID card (Front and back side)


More information

Stage 1: Exploiting

Stage 2: Withdraw to wallet

Stage 3: Release the NFT Game to earn coins

Stage 4: Exchange Pancake Offers Transaction & Direct Payment.

Click here to register


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