Register an account, get 15 FLAN Tokens of ADA and more - Time Limited program - 100% winning bet - Hurry up before you miss out

October 22, 2021
Last Updated

 Register an account, get 15 ADA Tokens and more - Limited offer

This is a program of ADA, Swap Exchange promises to be like Panscape of Binance BSC. Bets eat 100%!

The program is limited to the number of free recipients so hurry up before you miss it!

Instructions for Registering an account, receiving 15 FLAN Tokens of ADA

Step 1. Go to PLANO's homepage - Click here

Step 2. Enter registration information (Including full name, address, nationality, email)

Enter the Invite code: nzmCsEdtcp

Step 3. Check your email to verify Email address

That's it, you've already signed up!

Click here to get 15 FLAN   Token


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