Stormgain, a BTC mining and exchange has just launched a free BTC mining program for new registered accounts. After successfully registering an account, you start doing BTC mining. After 4 hours of mining 1 time, min withdraw 10$.
You complete the account registration and account verification, you will receive 3 USD into your account instantly.

How to Mining BTC with Stormgain?

Step by Step: 

Step 1. Register an account

Click here to register and mine BTC Free

Step 2. Fill the required information (Full name, phone, email)

Code BNS63977673

Step 3. Email verification

You open Email and click on the word Stormgain.

So it's done. 

You open it once every 4 hours and you will see USD in your account

Now you can withdraw, sell and transfer to your Bank, when reaching 10USD.

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Click here to register and mine BTC Free

Questions related to BTC Free mining program

I can't withdraw my money. Why?

There are two possible reasons:

1. The minimum amount to withdraw is 10 USDT (BTC equivalent), so check if you have mined this minimum amount.

2. Mining is still going on. It is not possible to withdraw funds while mining is still in progress. Wait until mining is done before withdrawing.

The money in my account has been deducted but I have not seen the money in my Wallet.

The funds you earn will be converted to USDT and credited to your USDT bonus wallet within 5 minutes to 2 hours.

Why can the mined amount be reduced?

You are mining BTC in satoshi. Amount in USDT subject to change due to BTC/USDT exchange rate and commission fees.

My digger is running slow. Why so?

The number of customers using our Miner tool is constantly increasing. This reduces the overall mining speed for all participants. We have to distribute server resources to provide services to all our customers.

We are trying to build solutions that can accelerate Miner. Please wait for the news!

Why should I restart Miner engine every 4 hours?

When a large number of Miners are mining at the same time, the overall mining speed will be significantly affected. Since our resources are still limited and all of our clients have a need to use Miner tools at the highest possible speed, working in 4-hour shifts is most effective.

How can I speed up Miner?

We are currently working on several solutions to enable our customers to accelerate Miner.

Depending on your StormGain status, you will be able to increase your mining speed up to 530x!

Wait for news from us!

Why might my mining reward change?

Due to the large number of participants and limited resources, the reward for a block will constantly change. Mining times may vary, but the more you mine, the less rewards you get. We are currently working on solutions to speed up the Miner engine so that the bounty will be increased.

How can the mined money be used?

All mined money can only be used for trading. However, you can exchange or withdraw any profits you make from that trade.

I see a "Network error" message. What should I do?

Such problems are usually caused by slow internet connection on your device, firewall, ad blocker or a large number of participants sending concurrent requests. We recommend trying again in an hour or two. In the meantime, you can also try our Miner feature for desktops and laptops. Just open StormGain on your desktop and launch the Miner tool on it. In case the problem persists, contact our Support Team again.

Click here to register and mine BTC Free

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