How to register an account to get free 1000 GCX tokens - Global Crypto Trading Exchange token

November 02, 2022
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 Global Crypto Trading Exchange presents as the global cryptocurrency exchange, a safe, secure, regulated and complete cryptocurrency exchange.

Global Crypto Trading Exchange is giving away 1000 exchange coins for each new registrant, worth 100USD. Airdrop will start from August 25th onwards.

Guide for register an account to receive free Global Crypto Trading Exchange token

(Step by Step)

Step 1. Visit the homepage of Global Crypto Trading Exchange (Click here to access)

Step 2. You Put your Email address in the form (as shown below) then click subcrise

Step 3. Access your Email to verify Email, click Click Here To Activate (as show below)

Click here to access

Step 4. Fill in your password in the form required by the web

Step 5. Visit the website to receive 1000 GCX Tokens

Note: If you want to withdraw coins immediately, you will withdraw to your wallet on August 25

In case you do not want to withdraw, you can participate in Staking (send coins to earn interest) as follows

Click here to access

Click Invest and enter the amount of coins you want to save

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