Claim Airdrops Get 8 BTR  Token - Cut down 15/10/2021

The NFT Marketplace For Virtual Exchange

Built by artists for artists!

The NFT marketplace with verified products and the lowest fees. Exchanging NFTs with verified creators and collectors.

Guide Step by Step: 

 Step 1. Copy contract address 


 Step  2. Paste Contract to Meta Wallet (BSC Network)

 Step 3. Visit Site project and Click Claim Airdrop to Receive Tokens

Gas fee: 0.001 BNB. (Buy BNB click here)


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Unlike other NFT marketplaces, Bitroy is built for first-time cryptocurrency users. Bitroy is built for those who have a personal appreciation for creativity and on the lookout for great art.

Short form for Non-fungible tokens, NFTs are digital certifications recorded on a public blockchain database, like the Ethereum virtual machine or the Binance smart chain. They are created (now commonly known as minting) using smart contract protocols.

This serves as immutable public proof of ownership for digital or physical non-fungible assets. Some examples of Non-fungible assets are antique and digital collectibles, physical and digital paintings, an artist’s intellectual property, certifications, licenses, and every other asset that cannot be priced objectively.

NFTs are generated, the same way cryptocurrency tokens are generated, in a process known as minting. Smart contract blockchains, like Ethereum and Binance smart chain, are ideal for easy and flexible NFT creation.

Bitroy is an NFT marketplace. Anyone can sell, buy and create an NFT certificate of ownership for all sorts of digital goods (like collectibles, gaming items, digital arts, certifications, fashion designs, licenses, media files, printable 3D arts, and several others).

Also, Bitroy is not limited to only NFTs for digital goods. There is an option for redeemable physical NFTs. With this, sellers can create (also called mint) an NFT for an item they wish to sell as an NFT.

Bitroy offers the lowest minting fees in the market.

Bitroy is the NFT platform that allows you to pay the minting fee (that is NFT creation fee) after selling your NFT.

Bitroy is the NFT marketplace that offers the option of an initial NFT offering to its publishing community.

Bitroy incentivizes great art, by way of votes by the community and rewarding the winners.

It costs less than a dollar on Bitroy to mint an NFT; on the contrary, it costs some artists as much as $200 to mint just one NFT on other marketplaces built on Ethereum. Bitroy uses the Binance smart chain, rather than the Ethereum smart contract, which comes with very high gas fees, due to congestion.


The Bitroy team is building a safe and user-friendly place for artists and collectors to seamlessly interact and share value by addressing all of the limitations we just saw about NFTs.


Unlike other NFT marketplaces, Bitroy is built for first-time cryptocurrency users. Bitroy is built for those who have a personal appreciation for creativity and on the lookout for great art.

  • Liftoff

    • Bitroy’s native token development
    • Commence with marketplace development
    • Strategic partnerships with established brands
    • Whitelist registration
    • Seed round
    • Music competitions
  • Ignition

    • Presale
    • Advisor & Partnerships
    • Listing on PancakeSwap
    • TGE (Token Generation Event) of Bitroy’s native token BTR
    • Initial NFT Offerings (INOs) on Bitroy
    • Release of beta version of marketplace
    • Commencement of artists’ competition
    • Listing of redeemable NFTs
    • Art competitions
    • Launch of NFT virtual gallery (Aspect)
  • Acceleration

    • Release of mainnet version marketplace
    • Exclusive platform launch
    • Commencement of Exclusive INO’s
    • Listing of multi-blockchain NFTs
    • NFT ticketing integration
    • Mobile App release
  • Skyward

    • Development of NFT network bridges
    • Development of VR platform
    • Development of digital showroo

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